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What happened to the Viking Warrior?

A little 3D story made for the WeeklyCGChallenge #102 “Viking Age”. I’m really happy with how this turned out. Almost everything was done with Blender, but I also used PixPlant to get the map textures.
Hope you like it, and enjoy! :)

What happened to the Viking Warrior?

Ivan batalla 1

New Lands
A few weeks ago, a beautiful viking boat arrived at an unknown land.

Ivan batalla 2

Traveller of the seas
The journey was smooth. Sunny days, calm water…

Ivan batalla 3

What happened to this unlucky viking? Let’s find out.

Ivan batalla 4

Did he run out of food?

Ivan batalla 5

Or did he run out of beer?

Ivan batalla 6

A shield… It looks like he had to fight.

Ivan batalla 7

A hole?
Wait, why is there a hole on the boat?

Ivan batalla 8

What the...?

Yeah, this must be the answer. Someone had a great dinner.