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Super Mario Galaxy (Gateway Galaxy)

Who else played Super Mario Galaxy on the Nintendo Wii? Join me and explore the first level of the game, the GateWay Galaxy!

This was made for the WeeklyCGChallenge #99: Tiny Worlds, and was the 2nd place winner. It was really fun and enjoyable! It was made in 3 days with Blender. And I'm in love with Sketchfab and its viewer. It really helps me to achieve the results I want.

Hope you like it and enjoy the visit!

Super Mario Galaxy (Gateway Galaxy)

Ivan batalla main view

Gateway Galaxy

Ivan batalla luma

Luma - That’s the spirit, mushroom man!

Ivan batalla hungry luma

Hungry Luma - MORE, MORE!

Ivan batalla lumalee

Lumalee - ♫ Lumalee! Lumabop! Welcome to the Luma Shop! ♫

Ivan batalla lubba

Lubba - Ya know, a friend with another Wii Remote can join up with you!