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The Black Pearl

A model of the Black Pearl ship from "Pirates of the Caribbean". It was modeled last summer for a render with the ship inside a bottle (you can check it on my portfolio if you want), but I recently reworked its UV unwrapping and texturing to make it suitable for Sketchfab's viewer.

The model is quite heavy and can't be displayed on some devices, so I added a few screenshots to allow everybody to see it.

Any advise is welcome. Hope you like it!

"Okay, one rope more and it's finished... yes... it's done... Noooo! I forgot the upper sail's ropes..." -My thoughs while making the ropes. They were an eternal task.

The Black Pearl

Ivan batalla sk

Sketchfab's preview

Ivan batalla sk 2
Ivan batalla sk 3


Ivan batalla sin titulo

Blender GLSL viewport