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Gundam Exia

This is my latest project, and one of the most satisfying. After doing the model of a Gundam (mecha robot), I uploaded it to Sketchfab with very poor materials. A week later, I decided that the model deserved a little more detail, and I changed it radically, making it look much more realistic. The old model is still available at my Sketchfab's page if you want to compare it.

Right now I'm very proud of this model, and it's my favourite one by far.

Gundam Exia (Sketchfab's 3D model)

Ivan batalla gundam exia 2

Front Preview

Ivan batalla gundam exia 1

Close Preview

Ivan batalla gundam exia 3

Back Preview

Ivan batalla gundam exia wireframe

Wireframe Preview (for better resolution, check Sketchfab's model and turn on Wireframe inside Rendering Settings)